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Victory of Art is an original concept that teens discover and develop. By art (acting, dance and music), adolescents actually talk about them. This combination is defined as a musical, but it is remarked by the fact that each show is about / with / with teenagers. In short, young actors performing theater, singing and dancing at the same time. That would be a superficial observation, because beyond the curtain, there are many more: emotions, tension and feelings. Hours, days, months of rehearsals for viewers to leave at the end of the show. However, the stress or routine they are constantly facing as if they are being driven away by the energy they charge each other, revealing jokes, friends, or little stories of love.

Adolescents face various issues, especially from an emotional point of view. There are conflicts, passions, but also fluctuations between states of mind, between joy and sadness. Sometimes they have the feeling of loneliness, sometimes they are dominated by uncertainty. They are always subjected to mistakes, but by art they learn to discover themselves, to talk about themselves, to choose how to go on the right path. They are trained as artists and thus learn to solve problems and discover their own personality. They manage to adapt to the surrounding world and accept defects without making a complex of this cause. By acting, dancing and singing, adolescents are led into a better world that belongs to them.

We invite you to step into our world to discover the tale of these talented teenagers who are waiting for you to meet them all over Romania and abroad!