Art is a side of mankind. It is the representation of what each person feels. It’s all you have in your heart and mind, everything you can convey to the others in an elaborate form.

About art you can not say it’s “light” or “heavy.” Represents man, in fact, is his PERSON.

Art does not mean perfection, it means living. It is a matter of the divine.”

(Delia Matei)



“Art – A word with a single definition in the dictionary, but with about 7.442 billion different definitions.

For me art is not something you do, for me art is something that you feel, you are transmitting and you are. Not acting, music, dancing, painting, and the rest of things are art, but people are the art of doing things.

Adolescence is the time of change, the time when we make the mistake of hurrying to make us “big people.” I think this time we have to cling to what we like to grow “beautiful”. I was hanging on music and acting. They helped me through many things. Since I started acting I’ve changed a lot like a person. For me, acting is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. The acting helped me get rid of most of my fears, and the music helped me and still help me to express myself when I can not find my words.”

(Cătălina Șoavă)



“I was never a person who knew how to express my feelings and thoughts in a verbal way, so that they could understand what I feel, either I express myself very strangely, or I panic, so I found my refuge through art, Anytime I felt sad, happy, disappointed, nervous or delighted, or I was singing a song or dancing in my careless manner, writing a poem, or simply writing a poem, the experience of that day. That’s how I learned that you can find and make art of everything!

I can say that art is an essential source for me to live!”

(Adina Tărbășanu)



“Before going to acting, I was going through a hard time in my life and, by grabbing my acting classes, I managed to get over, I found the way I could express and be honest about my feelings So I learned to be happy, I learned to love the people around me and brought me closer, even to me, I found out who I really are and I discovered the real happiness. Now I can not imagine my life without doing acting, it would be a nightmare, honest.”

(Ilinca Vlad)



“Art for me is something unique in both music and theater. I have recently discovered this art of acting, in which I am passionate and developing. When in this beautiful project I feel that I live happiness when I’m on stage with wonderful people, and I feel like I forget about everything, everything, especially because I feel a positive energy when I’m with my colleagues.

Art means everything, especially if you know how to create it and passion in what you do.

Little by the age of 2 and a half, I liked the art of music. We were singing Smiley’s first play in the house, and the parents guided me and I got where I am now. I think the art of a teenager has to be very passionate and thanks to this casting I am here now, thanks to my singing teacher who has directed me to go to this project for my chance in life. I’m happy to meet you, you are wonderful people!

I love you!”

(Ana-Maria Ene)



“I can say that my life so far is an art, piano and musical notes that are part of my daily time.

Moving through the excitement of musical exams, I began to grasp the art with its finesse and delicacy. When I’m on stage, it radiates my heart of happiness and I understand how important art is in my life.”

(Selin Ozer)



“Through art I manage to express myself much better than through words. I give my thoughts, feelings, feelings through music, dance, give my free energy, my nerves, my states, and by acting, I detach myself from reality and I try to create a new reality. Many times when I can not find my words to communicate, I use lyrics from songs or replicas of theater pieces. I am the kind of person who, when it comes to art, it involves all the soul, it puts love in everything it does in this field. Art is the main way of expression for me.”

(Ioana Dragomir)



“Teenage? It’s a more difficult thing. It has always been difficult, except that” in their time “it was not done so far … And as it is a difficult matter, we must also say something … for example, we need to be “aware” of the problems facing society, not to look at the devices, not to wear ruffled jeans, to be ashamed, not to dance freely, not to wear the gablonts, not to more … nothing. All are with “you are not allowed” …

And then … what do we do? We have to express ourselves. How? The art.

By art I feel that some of the problems are solved, they make me understood (but not all), but without templates or imposed limits. By art, it’s me! Happiness is amplifying, and problems are gone.”

(Ariana Alexandrescu)