Daca noi ne iubim

Daca noi ne iubim


“Daca noi ne iubim” – musical by Holograf, adolescent is the first generation fusion music genre in Romania!

The present project subscribes to an effort to ensure the artistic continuity in the Romanian space, creating a point of transition between the “old guard” of the local music, represented by the still existing Holograf band and the young generation – including the adolescent sphere represented by the band and the audience of the band Victoria Art, written by two Olympic teenagers, Anastasia Jinga and Rareş Fota, choreography signed by a teenager, national champion at sports dance, Toria Dragulescu, has children who excel in singing, Voice of Romania, X Factor, etc. , dance competitions and theater festivals. They can become a model for all adolescents in Romania. In addition to art, culture, education, it also touches a more delicate aspect: adolescents tell their problems and try to solve them or trigger alarm signals.

“Daca noi ne iubim”, a unique musical in Romania, with teenagers, an original script, based on the music of the famous Holograf, will be a guaranteed success among young people as well as among adults.

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Adina Tarbasanu

Alex Rotaru

Ana Stanciulescu

Andrei Serban

Claudiu Dinculescu

Eduard Chimac

Luca Petresteanu

Petru Georoiu

Selin Ozer

Tudor Dumitru

Adrian Bumbes

Amalia Nicolescu

Ana Todoran

Ariana Alexandrescu

Cristian Popescu

Ilinca Vlad

Maria Maftei

Razvan Tanasescu

Teodora Moldovan

Vlad Cojocaru

Alex Dediu

Ana Ene

Anastasia Dade

Catalina Mihalache

Daria Oprea

Ioana Dragomir

Maria Ninu

Robe Cristian

Toni Lupu

Alex Mihai

Ana Indricau

Anastasia Jinga

Catalina Soava

Delia Matei

Ioana Savu

Nectaria Vasile

Sara Dumitrescu

Toria Dragulescu