Hands High in the Sky

Hands High in the Sky

HANDS HIGH IN THE SKY is a 100% original musical show, a unique concept in Romania, a musical about / with teenagers, text written by Rares Fota, the same choreography Rares Fota and Toria Dragulescu, music written by Romeo Dediu (Holograf ). Directed by: Julieta Georoiu and Liviu Chiţu.

A show about adolescence, the temptations of the high school, how foolish things may be and other things that deserve to stop suddenly from talking and start singing!

Love, sacrifices, adolescents’ milling, quests, temptations, and a final, totally and altogether unexpected.

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Alex Dediu

Anastasia Jinga

Catalina Mihalache

Darius Dragoi

Maria Maftei

Sara Dumitrescu

Alex Mihai

Andra Anghelache

Crina Dumitrascu

Delia Matei

Patricia Flack

Toria Dragulescu

Alex Tesa

Andrei Serban

Cristian Popescu

Ioana Oprescu

Petru Georoiu

Tudor Dumitru

Anastasia Dade

Bianca Marinescu

Daria Oprea

Iulia Lupascu

Robe Cristian

Vlad Cojocaru